The entrance of our homes or offices always stays as a point of apprehension somewhere at the back of our minds, we always want to make it a gesture of salutation and class for the people who come to visit us.

Under this segment, we introduce the types of LUXURY DOORS, big and small for all the types of places. We specialize in manufacturing carved, natural mother of pearl inlaid, Anvi luxury (routed, fusion and radiant /intarsio) and Anvi solitaire doors, which meet the requirements of architects, interior designers and clients in the modern arena of prestigious projects.

As leading manufacturers of LUXURY DOORS, we believe in maintaining the traditions of our craft by preserving the skills and value of time-served of our craftsmen, whilst utilizing the very latest technology in design and production methods. This way, our customers get the best of the pieces manufactured.

ANVI LUXURY DOORS are a perfect intermingle of style and distinctiveness. Doors are made with customized designs, durability and show the beautiful play of light through translucent panels, which add to the beauty of your high-end interiors.

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