When we look out for luxury in the Interiors of our Homes, bungalows, villas etc- in short for our personal paradise, wooden furniture is the best choice for luxury interiors of the people even today.

Gearing up with the altering scenarios and the trending generations of today, the refinement in the world of interiors has upgraded itself tremendously. The options of the raw materials used to make furniture is now available in plenty -to choose from, unlike the previous times which had limited options.

What remains constant from the previous genre till today is the choice of wood, being the foremost area of interest of customers even today.


There are many reasons to support their preference, some of which are stated as under:

Born Beautiful

Wood is born naturally beautiful with striking lines and patterns; hence the finishing enhances the looks of the product tremendously in an outstanding way. http://www.anvilifestyle.com/pdf/DINING-SET.pdf will give you an idea of what I am trying to convey.

Robust with a Long Life

Wood is equally strong and tough as much as it is beautiful. Its robustness guarantees reliability in the long run, without having to do repeated replacements.

Intelligent  Investment

When the product is made adding Luxury to the wooden furniture, the price is combination of its looks, strength, quality and its comfort. The products have a long life, which is completely value for money.

Elegance Personified

Furniture made with wood reflects elegance in the décor of your place. It very appropriately matches to the interiors, whether your taste oozes out a modern, classical or a contemporary tinge. Wood is a winner with all the styles.

Old is Gold- A lovely saying

The only Raw material that gets better with age. Further, the wooden material, if gets scratches or notches in it, adds a disposition to it, rather than getting unattractive. Just by getting the furniture refinished you can make it look alluring and as good as new. This is the tendency and longevity of furniture that is a beauty to withhold.


What exactly is Luxury?

It’s our comfort zone that speaks magnificently for itself. Luxury is always dealt and hyped with an attitude, of it being associated with oodles of riches to be put in. But what really sets luxury home interiors to stand spaced out from the others, besides funds are the details.

A luxury interior is a feast for the eyes to see with layers of visually stimulating colors, textures and forms.

Laundry design group- https://www.landrydesigngroup.com/#/portfolio- gives you a visual impairment of what I just defined.

Although the artistic appeal of a luxury furniture and decor is of high importance, utility still reigns as the most important characteristic. And what if you get a pleasant and cozy intermingle of both. High-quality materials and expert craftsmanship ensure luxury furniture to give out the charisma that they are actually meant to demonstrate.

Fine art in the form of original exclusive masterpieces either from current contemporary designs or from historic classical graces, versatility is what luxury furniture stands out with.


To add to the flavors of Luxury grinding it with the Raw material-“Wood”- the manufacturing of our range of furniture includes, Swarovski Crystals, Mother of Pearl, Gold Foil and Silver Foil combined with our protagonist “WOOD”.

Our range of products holds sophistication and astounding luxury with over the top dimensions of your choice, of the product that obviously you are not going to find everywhere. We also manufacture oversized masterpieces. The massive and huge sizes of the products, when clubbed together with phenomenal luxury, then come out this extremely stupendous and fantabulous range of our products that are breath taking.

Speaking specially about the oversized segment of ours, it is a set of unique and appealing products, with an amazing thought process, of bringing in some highly overwhelming ideas that are meant to have a jaw dropping expression of appreciation, which is there to leave you amazed for that moment. Utilization of large, oversized luxury furniture to fill large spaces, with upholstery made from the chic materials including wood, steel, metal foils and amazing Swarovski crystals is another facet of having beautifully designed interior materials rich in luxurious finishes.

Do check out the range at  http://www.anvilifestyle.com/beyondluxury.php

Our complete range of products is so sophisticated and so close to making dreams come to a reality that they can make elegant conversation pieces. High quality raw materials add exquisite detail to the end products. Large personalized materials with elaborate finesse arrangements add a personal touch to the reflections of one’s passions and interests.

Handcrafted details on each piece with personal attention to every detail makes every piece, stand high by adding a signature look to the furniture that is well made and durable. Styles vary from antique reproductions to contemporary to sleek ultra-modern designs, depending on the style of your homes.

We give you more than you actually desire because we value people, the same way as elegance values Luxury.