With reference to the saying OLD IS GOLD, history of interiors has witnessed that a prominent place is always reserved for inlaid/overlaid work of art. This process of design and work is an ancient concept and works for all the kind of people with no matter what, is their preferred taste.

Giving a modern tinge to the perennial beauty of the product, here we have, to present to you OUR RECENT INNOVATION.


Our creative senses, just marched towards the alluring experience of combining this natural beauty with the shine of the crystals and coming out with a product totally new, i.e. Mother-of-pearl inlaid with crystals. . We made it with a hope of it being delightfully accepted and encouraged in the world of interiors.


The process goes like- The mother of pearl surface is created on any subtract (composite material or any material, as required by the designer),a particular design in engraved on the surface, and  the crystals are hand placed within the engraved surface in accordance with the design. Thereafter, it is resin casted with In House Technology, to smoothen the top.

Apart from the above , we also have a unique and exceptional assortment of inspiring surfaces that are hand-made, bound with semi-precious stones. It is a dramatic fusion of nature, technology and art. Our designs bring out the natural beauty of mother of pearl and semi precious stones in order to create ultimate luxury. Skillful designs bring out the innate brilliance and colors of the stones with patterns that reinforces natural hues and shades of each stone. Some of the semi-precious stones are amazingly translucent and can be backlit for creating an added effect.

Artecraft has been producing beautiful, eternal mother of pearl inlaid furniture for the interiors of bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms etc since last 30 years.

Some products are eternal, which have an everlasting impact, Mother-of – Pearl is one of them.

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